When to back up

What I really want is for my online backup systems to be smart. If I’m off of my home networks, I should be allowed to say, “Don’t back up again until I get home,” rather than having to look at the three services I now use and say, “Pause for N minutes.” I forgot this until just now, and I’ve been soaking the meager transfer capacity of the Cafe 153 network with my backups.

Why three services? I’m turning my knowledge of backups into a micro-business, and that means that I need to test all of the big players. Fun times.

I love UAH.

Sometimes, when I’m causing mayhem, I wonder if James Thomas ever gets a late-night phone call from the Ghost of Admissions Counselors Future saying, “You think that you really want this kid now, but here in the future, he’s a bit of a pain in the ass.”

Geof F. Morris


Holy hell. All I did yesterday was watch TV. I can’t even do that today. One exam was moved to Monday. I’m waiting on the other… in bed.

I’ll spare you the image of my left eye and its vascular irregularities.


I first started getting sick 40 hours ago. I’ll spare you the details. Once the worst had been weathered, I spent all of Tuesday in a malaise, rarely leaving my bed. I was given an extension on my exam, which was very kind. I should be able to think critically tomorrow, but watching sitcoms today is a big step up from my seeming catatonia of yesterday.

Every hour or two, I look to make sure that it’s still just Wednesday.

Geof F. Morris


Yes, as a matter of fact, I’m partly Irish. My maternal grandfather’s lineage goes right back to Eire in the 1700s (I think, I’d need to check the date to be sure).